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Empty Your Cup

I remember all too well, that at some point after practicing yoga for quite awhile, I began to learn more challenging postures; what some might call advanced postures. It was exciting to learn something new and to experience postures that I thought might never be accessible by my body. And I remember how good it felt to think I was no longer a beginner. There was a sense of satisfaction in learning these "advanced postures" as my ego wanted to identify with being considered an "advanced" practitioner.

Fast forward a few years, and like many ah ha moments I had along the yoga practitioner road, I began to understand that I learned more when I had the attitude of a beginner. Meaning that while I still continued to explore further into the asana practice and practiced challenging postures, I realized the power and benefit of coming to the mat with a beginner's mind.

A beginner's mind does not mean to forget all that we have learned, but rather to let go of our idea of what we think we know, so that there is an emptiness - space for new things to be learned. Because when we think we already know everything, it automatically limits what is available to us. The mind becomes narrow this way, instead of becoming more open. A beginner's mind can allow us to be more receptive and even more alert, because we pay more attention.

When we practice our postures, we have to also remember that the pose we practiced yesterday, was with yesterday's body and yesterday's mind. The same pose practiced today may require different awareness so we must not get complacent in our practice, no matter how many times we have done it.

As the zen proverb states, If the cup is already full, how can you add more tea? Pouring in more tea will only cause your cup to overflow, therefore, you must first empty your cup.

Are you having difficulty finding a solution to a problem?

Empty your cup

In disagreement with your spouse, co-worker, or friend?

Empty your cup

Meeting resistance in mapping out a plan for something new you wish to create?

Empty your cup

A beginner's mind is a fresh mind. Meet a challenge with the knowledge you carry, but with a beginners perspective. As you dissolve your cemented thoughts and bring in fluidity, new ideas begin to arise.

Constantly check in with and re-evaluate what is true for you.

It might change.

You might need to unlearn what you have learned and the learn again. Empty your cup

Maybe yesterday Tadasana (mountain pose) felt spacious and stable with the feet and legs together. But maybe today, today's body might need slight space in between them.

Empty your cup

Easier said then done sometimes; emptying our cups takes practice too.

But once you empty your cup, you will become fully available, fully open to receive the next thing life is ready to fill you with.

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