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Find Your Voice Save Your Life 3: Powerful Healers Spiritual Stories


Strong Mothers: More Than a Survival Guide

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Powerful healers throughout the globe come together to share their stories of finding their spiritual voice.  Laura McKinnon authors Chapter 11, Signs from Spirit: Reminders of Faith, Hope, and Love. She shares the personal loss of her son and how that experience connected her to Spirit in a deeper and more profound way.  This connection has helped carry her through her journey of grief and loss and brought healing in ways she never knew possible. 

In a world filled with turmoil, and fear that threatens the hope of humanity, this book could not be more timely to assist in inspiring and empowering you to find your own spiritual voice.

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Healers are a special breed of human. . .

. . . and when they share their powerful voices, the world is changed.

Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 3: Powerful Healers, Spiritual Stories is the third book in Dianna Leeder’s Voices of Women project. Dianna has a mission to inspire, empower, and lift up women, specifically to find and use their voices as a means to living extraordinary lives.

In this third book, Leeder is joined by some of the world’s most passionate and dedicated healers who are coming out with their spiritual stories in an effort to normalize what most call “woo.”

You’ll find authentic, profoundly moving stories that give you life-changing perspective and wisdom along with some new ideas about what’s possible. Some first-time writers, and some pros get together in a magnificent collaboration of brave words and energy that will help you connect with your own superpowers.

Because everyone is a healer. . .

. . . it’s just a matter of whether or not you’ve connected with that inner wisdom.

Come join us for the journey.

You’ll read triumphant, authentic stories of courage, empowerment, and tough self-love among these pages. Allow the inspiration and encouragement to move you.
These authors, mothers of all ages, stages, and walks of life, share their lives and their master tools and strategies for the mind, body, and soul transformation you know is possible. They help you trust yourself at another level, and realize what’s possible, not only for motherhood, but for your best possible life!

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