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“The primary aim of yoga is to restore the mind to simplicity and peace, and free it from confusion and distress.” ~BKS Iyengar

We tend to overcomplicate many things in life and when doing so, we miss the smaller, more simple things that are right in front of us.

In the many years I’ve practiced yoga, I’ve had times where I felt completely overwhelmed by how much there was to learn, frustrated with my asana practice and myself, and moments where I felt lost in understanding what yoga was all about. Upon reflection, I realize that many of those moments occurred from how I was approaching my practice. Instead of inviting the necessary space to be fully present, I would get carried away with my thoughts, forgetting to step back to observe what was really happening. Instead of softening into my experiences, I would try and force my way through, thinking I could arrive to a place where things went how I thought they should go.

But any time we step away from being present, we lose the appropriate discernment to witness what is. We lose the ability to tap into the more subtle aspects of life, the profound simplicity of it all. In this simplicity lay many gems, but they are hidden by our own distractions.

Our practice is ultimately about coming back to a place of simplicity and peace. Over time cultivate refinement, repeating our practices again and again and again, to access the subtle. But the key to this refinement lies within the present. The repetition of our practices must be done with mindfulness, otherwise we will continue to carry forward the distortions of our thoughts.

Yes, there is a lot to learn - about anything in life really. And there will be times we feel overwhelmed and frustrated. But the gift within all the things we practice as “yoga”, is the unwavering invitation to return to simplicity, to live in this moment, now. Our mind is a master of convolution - filled with racing, twisting/turning, and tangled thoughts. The more we can interrupt this pattern and become present, the more we can see everything, and see how divinely designed life is. We will notice what has been hidden by our hurried self.

Yes, we will stray from being present, but the more we practice, the more we will notice when we stray - and, the quicker we can come back. Personally, I've needed this reminder about as much as anyone else. Last month's move and all of the many "to do" items for settling into our new home has had me feeling a bit frazzled. What's different now is that I'm quicker to notice it and I immediately incorporate a pause into my day. And when I really need some grounding and space, I always head out for a walk in nature. It's what helps to me reset and return to a sense of spaciousness. I'm always amazed at how much I notice on these walks and how much clearer my mind is when I return.

Be kind to yourself, after all, we're all a work in progress. Just this morning I had an unexpected shift in my normal routine and I showed up an hour early for my private zoom session, forgetting the hour difference in time, haha. And it was my lovely clients who told me, "Use this time to let it go".

So, when you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or lost, I recommend the following.

For just a moment, close your eyes.

Feel your body in its entirety.

Then take 3 slow, deep breaths.

Slowly open your eyes, notice what you see and feel.

Simply observe.

Repeat this often throughout your day.

With love and light,



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