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Birthday Blessings

Blessed by the angels

The heavens all sang

For on this day

Another child was born

By the Grace of God

He filled her heart

And sent her on her way

To be a light, a very bright light

To share with others

Helping to guide their way

We are all here for one another

To dance in joy of the life we live

Holding each other as brother and sister

Celebrating each other's moments of happiness

And tending to hearts when struck by sorrow

We are all God's children

Perfect by design

Never forget the love that made you

The love that sustains you

The love that grants you eternal life

A forever dance with the Gracious Divine

May the words shared on this day fill your heart

And lift your spirit

May their resonances guide you home

You were never lost

You just forgot where you were

Look for the light

It is always there

Open your eyes and you will plainly see

This light is a gift for both you and me


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