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A Moment to Pause

We all get busy, driving the same roads every day to the same task, job, or school. Everything seems the same, so we forget to look. We forget see the magic held within each day.

But what if we found a moment to pause?

What would we see?

What would we hear?

What would we smell?

What gift would we receive if we simply took the time to stop?

I drive by this beautiful section of the river almost every day. Captivated by its beauty each time, my heart always exclaims, “How wonderful this river is!”

But it’s always from my car that passes by so quickly.

Today, I decided to stop. I took the time to pull over and get out of my car.

Hearing the crunching of snow underneath my boots, I walked over to the side of the road.

I saw the sun glistening so radiantly off of the water and felt the crisp air holding the clear sight of the snow-covered mountains.

Below me, were so many colors in the various depths of the water. I watched how peacefully and effortlessly the water flowed, graceful even amongst its obstacles.

It reminded me that we have our own flow, and that even when obstacles are present, we can move with ease and grace over and around them.

It was a grateful pause from my task-filled day.

Take the time to stop, even if the moment is brief.

Open your eyes and look.

Be quiet so that you can hear.

Be still so you can feel.

And open your heart to receive.


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