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What I Want You To Know

Dearest One, I see it in your face. I see the weariness I see the pain I see the fear I see the tension from the hardness of this world I see it all In your most beautiful, angelic face. Here’s what I want you to know.... You are the most glorious being ever created, held in love in beyond imagination. There is the whisper of spirit around you, Guiding you, Loving you, Supporting you, Reminding you of your soul’s expression. You are a gift from the Creator of life itself God knew you before you knew yourself. You are powerful, resilient, A force of magic and joy. The sparkle in your eye gives such light to this world Can you see it? You are never alone and never will be. A mighty force walks beside you always. Let the breath of life fill with you hope, hold you with love, and ground you in Grace.

Laura McKinnon


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