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We've all experienced the desire of wanting a consistent balance in our life, to have things flow effortlessly and smoothly. But yet we know that life is a continuous ebb and flow of ups and downs. The task is not to necessarily lessen this fluctuation, but to learn how to navigate through these fluctuations with grace and ease.  

I've witnessed how I can become rigid during times of challenge, and through attempts to direct things to go my way, missed opportunities to see a simpler way. What a profound thing it is when we learn how to soften and let go. 

Spirit has assisted me with this wisdom and has shown me how to not only endure, but to survive, thrive, and rise above all circumstances. Spirit is the reckoning force behind my quiet inner strength and the gentle hand that assists me in returning to center whenever I'm knocked off balance. 

I've been a person of faith my entire life, but it wasn't until the loss of our second child where I fully understood that my strength comes from the grace of God.  This journey has reminded me that when we find ourselves aligned with the purpose of our life - fulfilling the gifts that are given at birth and then share them with the world; this is when we find ourselves filled with unending energy, strength, and courage.

Living our life fully requires faith - wisdom of the unknown and trust there is a higher power where goodness is the source of all things. My hope in sharing my stories, both joyful and sorrowful, is that you come to know the current of love and grace that lies within you, and that you allow these forces to support you in living your fullest life.

~Laura McKinnon

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